Why you choose 3D flooring design

  1. -3D Epoxy Flooring, 3D falls Flooring mural, 3d floor art

  2. -Its strength and hardness.

  3. -No breaks out like tiles, porcelain tiles or parquet.

  4. -Excels on all floors coating products as given sterile surface cannot be obtained by other products and this is what made him the ideal product in hospitals and factories.

  5. -Ease of maintenance, restoration, and change, unlike other products.

  6. -Transparent material glossy, shiny and non-porous.

  7. -High quality in terms of shape, hardness and bright colors option compared to the price makes the place as alive.

Price List

All the prices are 1Sqft and with warranty

  • Titanium Applying - 250

  • Industrial Epoxy floor - 175 up

  • Epoxy Shelf Leveling - 400

  • Epoxy Metalic Floor - 650

  • Concrete Cut Grade One - 60

  • Concrete Cut Grade two - 160

  • Concrete Cut Grade three - 200

  • 3D floor - 850

  • Mirror finish - 350

  • Wall - 2D Natural 550

  • Epoxy Metalic Floor - 650

  • Wall 3D - 650

  • Wall _ 5D - ultra 750
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Frequently Ask Question

  • Is the 3d Epoxy safe?
    Epoxy-Coat is approved by the USDA as safe for commercial, institutional and residential applications. All the materials are safe so please don’t worry about using Epoxy-Coat’s product is perfectly safe for any other application. It is best to follow the instructions below for the prevention and occupational safety and health:
    -Don't get acid on your shoes, wear protective boots.
    -Always wear Eye protection and a proper respirator when using "fizzing Acid".
    -Don't blow acid water around the room with a power washer.
    -You can use also: New 3D wallpaper designs for wall decoration in the home
  • Why 3d epoxy Flooring become trendy today?
    Many designers use 3D technology for giving vent to their creativity.
    Solves many design problems of any premises in small and large places.
    The coming years will witness widespread uses for epoxy paints and polymers because of their many advantages.
    Because it is characterized by its strength, hardness, a transparent material, a buffer completely waterproof, high quality and valid for many years.
    The 3D epoxy flooring is a new revolution in the world of interior and exterior of your home.
    Many of the designers of the world compete to dazzle people by unique designs.
    Easy to design in all the places and the purposes such as houses and malls, restaurants and companies.
    Suitable for all ages of both sexes.
    There are no phenomenon breaks and be one piece.
    Resistance to moisture and buffer excellently.
    Gives you a glass surface glossy.
    Available in several colors.
    You can draw, plan and Paint three-dimensional effects on them.
    It can be easily cleaned and it is non-slip even when wet.
    The latest trend in the world of decor world of art and creativity.
  • Why you choose 3D flooring design ?
    3D Epoxy Flooring, 3D falls Flooring mural, 3d floor art? Its strength and hardness.? No breaks out like tiles, porcelain tiles or parquet.?
  • What is the 3d Epoxy paints?
    Epoxy or (Resin Epoxy) is a chemical substance, considered one of the types of solid thermoplastic elastomers. With two boats: the basis of (resin) and cross (hardener) which is highly resistant to adhesion and friction, chemicals, whether acids or bases or solvents, where an insulating layer is formed when is dry, and it is used in paint.
  • What are the uses of Epoxy?
    used in wood, cement, metal surface, concrete, but it is most often used on concrete floors in commercial or residential garages, airports, factories, hospitals, hotels, houses, halls of wedding and restoration of columns and corridors and ceilings and addition of three-dimensional technology has become the latest decorative arts in the world.
  • What are your Services?
    Epoxy floor and paint.
    Industrial flooring
    Metalic flooring
    3D flooring
    Epoxy shelf LEVELING FLOOR
    EPOXY high build floor
    EPOXY antistatic floor
    High build floor
    Pu coating
    Antistatic floor
    Titanium life
    Titanium wall DESIGN
    Texture wall
    Wood finish
    Antibiotics WATER PROOF
    Baralstic ". '
    EPOXY water proof system
    concrete cut and polish
  • What are the solutions of Epoxy?
    Epoxy treatment of breakage or scratching is much easier to deal with another flooring such as ceramic, which needs to be treated for cracking. New 3D flooring designs and ideas for each room.